We pursue "missing or otherwise lost revenue" where others do not or cannot.


Founded in 2009 in Houston Texas, Med-Enterprise, LLC is a leading healthcare consulting and technology company that helps physician groups, ASCs, and integrated healthcare organizations achieve the visibility required to identify, address and pursue hidden revenue from payer’s claims.

We are engaged by hospital systems ranging in size from 15 to 6,000 plus beds as well as physician groups ranging from 3 to 2,500+. No matter your business size or situation, our services are worth pursuing,

We pursue "missing or otherwise lost revenue" where others do not or cannot.

Med-Enterprise came into being as it looked at the Prompt Pay Recovery status and found that the solutions were inaccurate, incomplete and overwhelming for providers.

We developed our proprietary technology, CIRCA℠ (Claims Intensive Revenue Cycle Analysis) that provides a retrospective four or more years assessment. It looks at the Prompt Payment integrity of the commercial and government payers to locate "found money" for hospital systems, physician groups, and surgery centers.

Our approach is consultative and personalized. We realize that each provider is unique, with a unique set of needs. As this process is contingency based, the analysis and summary is of no direct cost or risk to provider's organization. Our business service model keeps the provider as the focus.

We differentiate ourselves from other prompt pay analytics methods and groups in many areas. Most importantly, our “Error” models are more accurate and conservative by using “Clean Claim” in our 837/835 “Claims Tracing” models. It provides reports that are "actionable" as to the revenue cycle analysis and prepare for the managed care contract negotiations. The additional Business Intelligence analytics are tailored to your needs.