The executive team and advisory group at Med-Enterprise is comprised of seasoned healthcare professionals proficient in their craft. Our assembled team, with their diverse healthcare knowledge and experience, makes Med-Enterprise a viable solution for your healthcare business needs.


Jeffery Toal, Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Toal is the founder and a principal owner of Med-Enterprise. Along with his executive responsibilities, Jeff takes on the responsibility of data collection and providing the assessment of a provider’s revenue insurance payer claims for a State’s Prompt Pay non-compliance. Jeff has a broad and detailed knowledge of internal and external operations and interfacing with multiple integrated hospital systems, operations, administration and revenue cycle management. Jeff provides a full spectrum of industry services involving technology, business analytics and the development of operational workflows. Additionally, he is the HIPAA Security Officer for the organization.
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Jay Comeaux, Director of Development

Jay Comeaux is also a founding member. Jay has over 30 years of senior-level experience in providing direction and tactical solutions for clients in search of financial growth and asset management. Jay has been deeply involved in the healthcare sector for years, performing functional roles on boards and advisory committees within hospital systems and healthcare academia. Jay provides healthcare clients with the right counsel and technological means to ultimately reach revenue integrity within their organizations. He works closely with C-Level and senior executives to capitalize on these discovered opportunities. He is passionate about delivering conservative and relevant guidance.
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Robert (Bob) C. Mitchell, J.D., Director of Claims and Arbitration

Bob Mitchell is a principal and Corporate Counsel of Med-Enterprise, LLC and Ardent Technologies Inc. His responsibilities include assessing and analyzing Healthcare providers for various services with an emphasis on Prompt Pay claim recovery. Bob interfaces with providers and their counsel to expedite and facilitate the resolution process. Bob previously served as a national independent healthcare claims and litigation consultant. He was responsible for providing program analysis, assessment, design and implementation for healthcare entities. Bob has extensive experience in large hospital organizations, physician groups, and nursing home chains. He also serves as an HIPAA compliance officer for both companies.
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