Business Intelligence Services that are "actionable". 


Business Intelligence is Med-Enterprise's unique service that provides revenue cycle analysis and reports that are "actionable".

Med-Enterprise offers expert Revenue Cycle and Data System Assessment and/or an Initial Evaluation. 

Once provided with:
•  the organization’s general business profile
•  demographics
•  financial position
•  payer contract and fee schedules
•  revenue cycle management, and
•  IT and data system profile

The provider will receive a summary assessment or evaluation, allowing for further recommendations, e.g.: improved managed care contracts and revenue code distribution.

You may have been referred to Med-Enterprise, LLC for this service by one of our affiliates or by others. If so, you will either participate in the Initial Business Assessment or the Initial Business Evaluation process.

To begin a business revenue cycle and data system assessment, give us a call at 832-848-2970 or fill in the 'contact us' form.